Want some songs to listen to while waiting for Jelly Roll’s next concert? Need suggestions for new fans to listen to? Well here’s our selection of excellent Jelly Roll music to listen to.

“Love is a War” is an excellent song collab between Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings. The song has a slick sexy beat and melody that is undeniably hypnotic. And the lyrics are catchy as can be. It’s a fan favorite song that features two excellent vocalists killing it on the mic.

Next give “Fall in the Fall” a listen. This song is more of a country song than a rap song while retaining a lot of R&B elements. It’s got a smooth sound that explodes into an insanely cool rap section. And the lyrics are smart and memorable.

And for something a little mellower, check out “Save Me”. This song is a painful song about overcoming addiction. It’s a song about being broken down until you’re nearly at your limit and still finding the strength to push on, even if it hurts. It’s relatable for anyone who’s been down and out of their luck.