Jelly Roll is undeniably talented. His voice is incredible, his songs are mesmerizing, and he works well with fellow artists both in the studio and on the stage. He has a talent for melding his voice to the moods of a venue as well as the emotional demands of whatever song he’s singing. Even when he sings about harder and heavier topics, there’s always a sense of harmony that adds so much to every word he sings.

But what really makes him stand out is how willing he is to experiment. This artist continuously reinvents himself moving from genre to genre and succeeding at feeling like a lifelong member of said genre community. So whether he’s singing rap, country, rock, or any other genre, you can expect to feel like he’s a life long expert sharing his talents.

Finally, Jelly Roll has an impressive command of the stage. When he starts singing, the audience is hooked and mesmerized as if each word was it’s own musical magic.

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