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Jelly Roll is a rapper and musician who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. So much of his early life involved him being surrounded by music, musicians, and the big life of musicians that could only come out of Nashville. And over time, he became a rap-artist in his own right.

But arguably, his big break came in 2010 with his collaboration with Lil Wyte, “Pop Another Pill” that exploded in popularity when it was posted to YouTube. The song reached over 6.3 million views on the platform and led to his debut studio album, Year Round. The album was well received, with the song “Come Here White Girl” earning him accolades as the song was listed as one of XXL’s “10 Most Memorable White Rapper Collaborations” in 2011. 

One of Jelly Roll’s biggest achievements was his transition and experimentation with genres. Including how he successfully blends country and rock into his raps. In an interview with Loudwire Nights host, Tony Gonzalez, Jelly Roll reflected on his music. 

He reflected on how he’s always been inspired by the big world of musical genres and took the plunge with 2020’s “Save Me” that featured him singing and playing the guitar. And this theme of growth and experimentation continued into his latest album release, 2021’s Ballads of the Broken. Which features experimentation into different genres as well as autobiographical songs about Jelly Roll’s struggles with obesity and alcoholism.

All told, this marks Jelly Roll as a consummate performer who’s willing to grow and adjust his style to match his vision of excellent music for his fans.

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